Why make Deemer’s your local diner?

Why make Deemer’s your local diner?

Come in to Deemer’s today and taste the difference quality and freshness can make.

Deemer’s is a modern day roadside diner that offers natural Angus beef hamburgers, flavorful salads, savory sandwiches, and hand-made shakes that are a true cut above the rest. We use only the finest local ingredients to create unique versions of the All-American food classics you know and love.

Deemer’s is your local restaurant.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality food and service to make our guests and the communities we serve have an excellent experience. Our top priority is to consistently deliver unique foods that also provide high nutritional value.

Everything in our kitchen reflects our commitment to freshness and craftsmanship.

From our handcrafted burgers, homemade salad dressings, and fresh cut produce, our entire operation is designed to serve the highest quality food and drink at affordable prices in a clean and comfortable restaurant environment.

Best Places For French Fries In Orange County

“Tossed in garlic butter and parsley, these fries complement their Angus beef burgers and their chicken and savory sandwiches. Deemer’s also serves salted, Cajun and chili fries as well, which pair off nicely with the burger of the month.”

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Deemer's Delights!

“Owner and chef Kevin Deemer had a great idea: build a contemporary burger joint based on classic American diner fare. Somehow, Deemer really did it. Not only is the industrial-meets-natural décor casual and yet upscale, but everything on the menu is made from scratch using fresh, local ingredients.”

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For the grill of it! Diner-style burgers at home

“Planning is important for mastering the grill, advises Deemer. Choose the marinade or flavoring for your meat; keep them simple and fresh. His favorite for chicken – salt, pepper, olive oil and fresh herbs – creates a perfect meal every time, he says.”

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Lunch Review: Deemer's American Grill

“Everything is made fresh, and all vegetables and other ingredients are bought locally. As for the burgers, the B&B; simply oozes flavor – the sharp creaminess of the cheese mixed with the salty crunchiness of the bacon. And then there’s the zing from the hints of garlic and tarragon in the herb aioli. The Shroom burger, with its caramelized mushrooms and sweet sautéed onions, proved to be a worthy match.”

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D is for Deemer's American Grill

”Deemer’s bills itself as “a modern day hamburger grill” but it has a lot of variety and a good choice of healthy options, too. Deemer’s has its own turkey burger, a veggie grill stack and a grilled chicken sandwich, as well as six different salads and mixed vegetables as a side, which is pretty rare.“

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Burger Spot Stands Out in South County

“Where do the locals eat when they’re looking for some grub that’s a little different? The answer is Deemer’s American Grill, a 6-month-old burger joint that’s bringing some flavor to the area’s central strip mall”

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Deemer's American Grill Is the Best New Burger Chain (That Isn't One Yet)

“The toppings were all fantastically fresh and the beef itself an exercise in precision. The juiciness was comparable to thick steakhouse patties and yet didn’t feel like an overwhelming element. The seasoning was powerful without being overpowering, and the crust from the griddle played against the loose, coarse grind that I look for in a great burger.”

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Deemer’s – Dark Horse Contender for Best Burger in Orange County

“So why is Tom recommending a gourmet burger restaurant, when gourmet burger joints are starting to become passé? I can answer this question pretty easily, it comes down to quality and freshness. I liked Deemer’s American Grill because they put a high premium on freshness and hand-crafted food.”

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Gourmet Burgers Come to Laguna Niguel

“ 'You couldn’t really get a burger unless it was fast food or at a table cloth restaurant,’ said Kevin Deemer, owner of Deemer’s American Grill. ‘We can get you in and out quick, and with quality.’ The menu features premium choice hamburgers, salads and sandwiches. The meat is ground in house and the restaurant makes its own patties. All produce is fresh and consists of seasonal products.”

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